Saturday, September 02, 2006

to Roxanne and Cyran06

    spied you thrU
    my sitemeether lense

    bi    nary      bi     noculars
    measure, for measure

    the traffic
    at my door

    all the way from Arroyo Grande
    C                  A

    looking for words you were
    to make her see fireworks

    in the sky of your fly
    on the Fourth of July

    jenny, jenny I've got your (IP) number

    no area code necessary
    these digits do the trick

    you sought the Gee-Wiz!
    for "poems to make her wet"

    followed the yellowed-----stitched seams
    & found yourself a home inside her \back pocket/

    fingers spiral round the circumference
    of denim clad spheres

    eschewing independence that bright night
    you wrapped yourself tight inside the flag of her embrace

    just got word yesterday that this poem about love making
    in this Googley milennium will be published in
    © 2009 Y.E.W.