Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pollock's Last Snowflake

The question posed a voluptuous riddle.
Were these frenzied silhouettes
pole-dancing in black and blue
drooling the white slip
the sinewy gestures of Jackson Pollock's dribble?

The answer
coveted in a cracked glass
where crystalline veins erupt
like snowflakes
fatally flirting with windowpanes.

The anonymous physicist found
relying on African fractals
and reflexive theories of self-similarity
(like the infinite peculiarity of the figure 8)
that these calculated drips
were indeed, not authentic.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Unstrung Zero

of dots and lines
the elevated quibblings of
quantum physics

my makeup is no small matter

an elegant hunch
conceived 'round midnite
when Frank was under the stylus
and Dick on top of the matrix

I've got the world on a string

how to explain
the droplets of dots that remain
when straight lines
are straightened
and snap

too much tampering
quiets the quivering

(which ironically)
(is where dimension lies)
(according to the JPL guys)
(in the instability)

dots have no depth
is a lie
Mr. Feynman

her atomized mess
has left deep stains

in a strikingly linear fashion

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Einstein's Wife

the letters arrive almost daily = still crisp from their travels

{London + Vienna + Paris}

and she s/its every one open with a whetted kitchen knife not the pearl-handled letter-opener he gave her last September with her initials calligraphied "E.E." on its filigreed cusp

a tender script heavily inked = words thoughtfully chosen

tamed beasts of burden that carry the weight of his lust
for her = once his darling mistress
now his accommodating wife
and the unsecreted "unwanted" others

{Mrs. L + Mrs. M + Margarita} who multiply

{her 20-year-old daughter, his next step, maybe?}

the Mrs. knows E likes L's aggressive posturing
the lady of the house sees E succomb to M's docile compliance
his better half reads that E is smitten with Margarita's full pout and tight ass

still they are not not not her equal

and what of his infidelity, relatively speaking? these candid epistles are not confessions they are revelations for his chosen Magdalene weightless sacrifices she is willing to make to kiss the feet of genius and quiet him in her skirted lap

the knife however she does not return to the drawer when she is finished reading the letter finished folding it twice and tucking it gently into the aero-postaled envelope finished placing it in her high holiday hat box with the others

the knife
she slips
into the
pleated folds
of her
pocket fingering
its thin
edge welcoming
the cut
(gracious hostess
that she
is) which
reassures her
that she
still bleeds

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    La Bonita Candidas

                                                        Candidas should be

                                               the name of a "brown-eyed girl"

                                                           not yeasty fungi

      Thursday, July 06, 2006

      Drosophila Melanogaster Disaster/2

      fruit fly puNNett [squares]





                                         gives berth to (Mothras)

      %   and demonstrously perFect Fenotypes   %

      Tuesday, July 04, 2006 v.06

      much much is made of Galileo Galilei's brick and feather
      but the gravitational effects of extended locks are


      tress e s  s  s  s  s  s        l   o   n  g

      y   a  w  n  i   n  g   commas   of       thoughtfully_conditioned

      f 0 l l i c l e d     f0liage

      too    t  h  i  c  k    

      to run   F  t  I  N  h  G r  E o  R  u  S  gh 


      brushed in waves

      dis rupt  s   language

      d   i  s  t  i  l  l  s breath

      press | pause

      when just the right length ___ as measured by Pope

      in   just  the  right        l  i  g  h  t


      c  r  a  c  k  e  d  whip                      commanding attention

                               promises no safe landings

      © 2009 Y.E.W.